Blue-green waters, declivious hills, vineyards, volcanos sleeping for millions of years, the world of dense forests and smelly fields await visitors of the „Hungarian Sea”.

The Lake Balaton and its surrounding are the most popular holiday resort in Hungary. Recreation on the waterfront, historical and cultural monuments, folk traditions, cycling and water tours, exceptional natural values, gastronomical specialities, spectacular program series – all these are offered by the „Hungarian Sea”.

The largest lake of Western and Central Europe is 77 km long with a width of 3-14 km, average depth approx. 3 m. The average water temperature of the Balaton is 19-22 °C in summer, but in the case of „dog-days” for 2 weeks it may rise to 26-30°C.

Along the northern shore of the Balaton the water deepens rapidly, but on many places of the southern side you can walk even 800 m – it is ideal for children and for non-swimmers. The hosts living and working at Balaton are labouring to ensure that the guests arriving to them can enjoy their leisure time with plenty of content during their stay. In addition to bathing we want to draw attention to interesting programs and beautiful landscapes. It is worthwile to spend holidays at the Lake Balaton and to return home with rich experiences. From the southern shore the hills of the northern part are tempting for excursions. It is very easy get to the other shore with the regular cruises.

You can taste the wines of the Balaton region not only in the wine cellars of the famous Badacsony vineyards, but also in the wine cellars of the „South Balaton Wine Street” (Dél- Balatoni Borút). For families who are fans of excursions, unforgottable experiences are offered by the bird world of the Kis-Balaton („Small Balaton”), and by many interesting places of the Keszthely Mountain and the Balaton Uplands. For those who like angling and fishing there are also good programs available. A bicycle roundabout „Bringurgy”(„Bringakörút”) is a splendid offer for cyclists. While cycling they will be able to have a rest in cyclist rest places and visit nearby attractions and natural values.

In the word of the Lake with thousand faces everybody can find his goal which promises relaxation as the Balaton counts not only on the beach lovers but has something special for everybody from tourists to wine lovers.