KOWAX KFT Hotel Magistern
Address: 8600 Siófok, Beszédes sétány 72.
Postal address: same
The site of the service: KOWAX KFT Hotel Magistern, 8600 Siófok, Beszédes sétány 72.
Telephone: +36-84-519-600
Fax: +36-84-519-601
E-mail: hmagistern@gmail.com
Internet: www.hotelmagistern.hu

2) The way and conditions of service recourse

a) the order of the service:
The order of the service should be sent in any case in writing (fax, e-mail, etc.)to the hotel. The order should include the name, address, arrival date and departure date of the Guest and the exact description of the room type and other services (meal, program, etc.). When ordering the hotel, the room type or room category should be clearly communicated. Meals can be ordered at the same time as the room reservation or later on the spot. The order confirmation is in each case in writing (fax, e-mail).

b) Cancellation of the order:
The Guest undertakes to notify the hotel concerning in writing of any cancellation,
modification or modification of the services prior to commencement of the service.
A free cancellation of individual orders is possible up to three days before arrival – unless an individual agreement otherwise provides. If the Guest does not arrive or does not cancel his order by the deadline, the total penalty will be the same as the daily room rate. In the case of a group order, the cancellation conditions should be determined at the conclusion of the transaction. After ordering events (wedding, birthday party, family programs, etc. ) a down payment will be paid which will not be refunded upon withdrawal.

c) arrival and departure:
The hotel room can be occupied from 2.00 p.m. on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10.000 a.m. on the day of departure.

3) Payment conditions

The equivalent of the services ordered can be paid by bank transfer in advance or on the spot with cash, bank card or „SZÉP card”.
In case of a transfer – if the contract with the hotel or with the travel agency does not otherwise provide – the Guest is obliged to credit the value of the ordered services before of his arrival on the account of the hotel in question. We ask the payment of a deposit in excellent periods! In case of cancellation the deposit will
not be refunded, but it can be used later freely at any time! In case of a justified cancellation the hotel manager decides how many percentage of the down payment can be refunded!

4) The prices of the Hotel Magistern

The prices quoted include in all cases the statutory VAT applicable at the time of the printing, but do not include the local tourism tax (IFA) which must be paid on the site of the service. The prices – on the basis of the regulation 7/2001. (29.03.) 7. § – will be listed on the place of the service in accordance with the legislation. The Guest can be informed about the price of the service also at the reception of the hotel before the beginning of the service
relationship. KOWAX KFT Hotel Magistern reserves the right to change prices. The prices for validation will be communicated by the hotel in the order confirmation. Information about any possible changes in the prices of the hotel can be viewed at any time on the website of the Hotel Magistern (www.hotelmagistern.hu).

5) Unique services

a) child allowance:
Discounts are only valid for children traveling with their parents, and do not relate to student groups. For student groups the child discount is to be determined according to the individual agreement!

b) half-board:
Half-board refers to the dinner on the arrival day until breakfast on the departure day. On the intermediate days the Guest can choose freely between lunch or dinner. In the case of a one-night reservation, if the Guest arrives after the closing time of our restaurant – and informs the hotel in advance – he can get a cold, half-board equivalent food package. In the case of group reservation, the time of meals are recorded in the booking and in the order confirmation.

c) programs:
The program offers and their current prices are available at the time of booking, or during the Guest’s stay. Information about the programs of Hotel Magistern are available at the hotel reception.

d) parking:
The hotel has a closed, unmonitored car park and a public car park in front of the hotel. The number of available parking places is limited. The general road rules of the Highway Code (KRESZ) are valid on the parking lots.

6) Complaints

If any complaints occur during the stay, the Guest can orally and/or in writing submit the objection up to the day of departure at the hotel reception. The hotel is obliged to investigate the complaint and respond in all detail to the complaints within one to three days.

Early departure or cancellation due to a referral for bad weather, etc. is not accepted by our hotel. In this case, the Guest must pay the hotel the full reservation. The hotel manager may decide a departure from this rule.

7) Compensation

The hotel is responsible for any damage caused by it in accordance with applicable law. If the Guest fails to present his complaint on the spot, compensation is later legally not available.

The Guest declares that he/she has got to know the General Conditions of Services and that he has acknowledged them.